Photography by Dean Bradshaw

Down on his luck, our hero is found wandering the California badlands…A glimpse into what the Californian landscape may have looked like more than a century ago, before the automobile and iphone. 


Monument Valley, Utah, United States


Melissa Fowler on Auto

Grubbing Hoe Ranch

Buffalo, South Dakota


Portraits of the Midwest

William Albert Allard


Fall Colors Grand Teton National Park ➾ Luke Gram


T.A. Moulton Barn, Wyoming ➾ Luke Gram


.don’t look back. [western/outlaw]

He races home, hell at his back, home just over the horizon. His hands are weak, his body empty, but his horse knows the way and he prays he makes it there before the Good Lord decides to take him away.

And he can’t look back, he can’t look back, he’s gotta keep looking forward, ever on, ever forward, just over the horizon, he has to make it, he has to.


the preacher - jamie n commons / rosie - bruce peninsula / take me to church - hozier / jungle - jamie n commons & x ambassador / railroad track - willie moon / comin home - murder by death/ the humbling river - puscifer / don’t come back - o’death / the daylight here - my terrible friend / all things beautiful - nick cave & warren ellis